Robert Cowell Facilities



7 1/2 Furlong

Our 7 1/2 furlong polytrack was one of the first installed back in 1997 by Martin Collins. It has stood temperatures of -15 in the past so it is a true all-weather gallop. We are able to maintain the polytrack with our 2 power harrows to whatever ground we feel appropriate whether it be soft or firm but generally it rides as good ground. The polytrack is never over used therefore it is fresh and safe for the horses.

Claydon horsewalker

Two Claydon

The yard has two Claydon horsewalkers, which are covered and floodlit to enable use when it is dark and during bad weather. Each walker can take up to five horses at any one time and these are invaluable for horses coming back from injury who require steady controlled exercise. They are also used to loosen muscles prior to exercise. We have one outdoor walker and one indoor horse walker.

Fifteen Stable yard

Fifteen Stable

A ten stable yard was newly added in 2014. Beautifully constructed, personally designed and a well-ventilated set of stables.They all have back top doors to enable the horses to look out at both the front and back of all the stables. It has been landscaped with newly planted trees and grass. It is a calm and relaxed set of stables overlooking the paddocks. A further five stables were added at the end of 2016.

American style barn

American Style

The horses are kept in three American Style barns, which are fully ventilated, very light and airy. All self contained with a feed and hay store, as well as a rubber matted wash down area.

second yard

Traditional Brick

Our main yard consists of 23 brick stables with high ceilings. The water managers are automatic and have rubber floors. This yard is self contained with its own feed and hay stores.

The new third horsewalker

Third Horsewalker

To accommodate our growing number of horses in training, a third Claydon horsewalker was installed at the end of 2014.


Nursery, Fully
Boarded & Post and Rail Paddocks

To unwind it is vital that the horses are able to have some freedom. We here at Bottisham Heath Stud have an advantage over most training yards in that there are acres of fresh grazing paddocks. We have small nursery paddocks, fully boarded paddocks (for windy days) and normal post and rail paddocks. The majority of our success is based on this as our horses whilst racing are able to experience hours of freedom.

warm up ring

Warm Up

In 2015 a walking ring was created. This provides us with a contained area for the horses to settle once legged up, also giving time for instruction to be given to each rider before making their way up to exercise on the gallops. This also gives our visiting owners an area to watch their horses warm up close to the yard and office.

starting gate

Jockey Club
Approved Starting Gate

Our three bay starting gate is Jockey Club approved and tested. Each horse, especially the young ones, before they run will have been jumped from the gates many times. Their education begins with trying to get them to have confidence and to accept that the gate is exciting rather than frightening. The staff play a leading role as it is a very dangerous piece of kit if incorrectly used.

locally produced feed

All Locally Supplied

Our feed is supplied locally, which enables us to have regular deliveries of fresh feed. Housed in our secure feed room, all are fed three times a day; early pre-exercise, midday and evening. Each has their own feed plan which is monitored daily and reviewed on a weekly basis. The hay we use is locally grown and supplied, it always has a wonderful distinctly fresh smell. Plus a handful of fresh carrots daily! Supplied to us locally every other day. We bed down on straw, again locally grown and supplied. This provides warm, comfortable stables.

Iveco horsebox

Two Stall
Iveco Horse Box

Our horsebox is a 2 stall Iveco. It benefits us to have our own box for a number of reasons. It allows us the flexibility to arrive and leave at our descretion from any venue. There is less probability of catching a virus or skin disease from other yards. In the case of emergencies we can transport the animal to our vets in Newmarket within minutes.



We have a light, spacious office where all the daily work goes on behind the scenes to run a racing yard and stud. Plenty of space and facilities to welcome and entertain our owners on a regular basis.

yard transport

Yard Transport

When visiting us you will be transported around our picturesque and tranquil stud from the yard, up to the gallops on our robust four seater ATV Polaris.
For larger groups we also have a sturdy and covered people trailer that links to the back.

Personally Designed Shower Area

Personally Designed Shower Area

Every horse is well showered off post-exercise.They go back in to their freshly laid stables clean from the morning work. It is so important to keep horses legs in particular, clean. It also give us the ability to cool limbs out well when required. We also shower them pre-loading on to the horseboxes on those warm summer days..

Viewing Platform

Viewing Platform

A purpose built Viewing Platform ideal for an excellent overall view of all the daily exercise on our gallops.
Easily accessible, large space for all to get a good view, plus a covered over section for those less pleasant weather conditions!