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Shergar Cup Dash…

GREEN DOOR and SIR ROBERT CHEVAL will line up together tomorrow for the first race of the day the 1.05 pm Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup Dash, a thrilling 5 furlong hurly burly sprint.  An exciting race to open an entertaining afternoon of racing where four teams compete against each other over the whole afternoon of racing.

Points will be awarded to the first five horses to finish in each of the six Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup races as follows – winner: 15 points; second: 10 points; third: 7 points; fourth: 5 points; fifth: 3 points. If there is a non-runner which cannot be replaced by a reserve, 4 points will be awarded both to the team and jockey missing out on the ride. The team with the most points after the six races have been run will receive the Shergar Cup at the closing ceremony.

The teams consist of The Girls, Europe, Great Britain and Ireland and Rest of the World. GREEN DOOR has been partnered with Umberto Rispoli of Italy for the European team and SIR ROBERT CHEVAL will have Michelle Payne onboard for the Girls. Both horses are fit and ready and raring to go, we cannot wait to see them in action again. Good luck to Mrs Fitri Hay and Heart of the South Racing.