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Nearly two weeks in…

Well its been almost two weeks since I said goodbye to my desk and the office at the stud to start working from home and I have to say its still very odd.  As much as being at home is much safer it really does not compare to our lovely office, enjoying the company of Robert and Holly and looking out onto our wonderful surroundings the stud has to offer.

Our hard working and loyal yard staff do not have that choice and so far we have made sensible decisions to self isolate two staff purely on a precautionary level with probable normal winter colds and both are now back to work and in full health. We are making sure they have everything they need in order for them to complete their day to day tasks in the safest manor possible and all have been complying with social distancing and all the unusual health and safety requirements enforced upon them.

The horses are all fit and well and oblivious to the strange world going on around them and we are have the benefit of being completely self contained so no contact with any other horses or people apart from the vets and farriers that are an obvious necessity. They are continuing with their daily schedules as normal and our owners are being updated with videos and photos and reports as we would normally do.  So it really is all business as usual here at Bottisham Heath Stud.