What happened during 2020?

Well, what a year 2020 has been! – However, before we go any further here are our 2020 season official statistics::

2020 season statistics

2020 played havoc with everyone and we have deep sympathy for all those badly effected both personally and financially. It proved a chaotic time, but we have managed to score with a decent number of winners, 30 to the point of writing this on 29th December.

Two months missing from the season during April and May so it was a gallant effort from our reasonably small team of horses. Each horse did us and their owners remarkably proud, running consistently well and picking up prize money the majority of the time. On top of the 30 winners, we had 40 placed second and 25 thirds.

Our authorities did a wonderful job getting racing back in action as the first professional sport to do so after the first Lockdown during the spring.
Staff put in a huge effort to adhere to all the new rules, keeping everybody safe and well going forward. Through each lockdown or further tiered restrictions the show was kept on the road by the industry as a whole and how lucky we are to have been able to achieve that as a sport, many were not so fortunate. Sadly, this meant hardly any owners have been able to go to the racetracks and enjoy watching their horses race live. However, everyone who contributes to our industry has been incredibly patient, realistic and understanding of the situation – How grateful we are to them.

We can now look forward to 2021 with optimism.

We must take this opportunity to mention our team – As always year on year our loyal staff work tirelessly to make our name bigger and brighter. Their work ethic, attention to detail and team spirit is something we do not take for granted and we simply could not do this without them. We thank each member of staff in horseracing who give the high level of commitment and effort. . .

Finally, and most importantly – Our wonderful owners who put faith in us to train their horses is something we never fail to feel honoured and grateful for. Without all their support we simply are unable to compete and have success season after season as we do. It is always a joy to welcome new horses into the yard, it gives us enormous pleasure and satisfaction to find what makes each individual horse tick . . .